Click Here for the Wireless Feeder Controller Product Brief.

  • Works with 6v or 12V
  • Clogged feeder detection
  • Low Battery notification
  • Email status reports
  • Size Specifications
  • Control Motor Speeds
  • Feed Time Duration
  • 24 times a day selection
  • And More!

Long Range Wireless Transmission is what we do.

Wireless Cameras, Feeder, Repeaters, Sensors, Wireless Hog Traps and more!

Now you can be in complete control of your feeders directly from a single software

Know when they are empty, jammed or the battery status at any moment. 

Saves time and money while keeping your feeding on time every time.

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  • Wireless Cameras
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Wireless Hog Traps
  • Wireless Repeaters and More!